Pre-Release of issue 6.0.



The S2000M Steering Committee is currently preparing Issue 6.0 of S2000M. This Issue 6.0 will form part of a common, interoperable, international ASD Suite of Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) Specifications which is prepared in concert by ASD and AIA.

Issue 6.0 will contain a number of changes compared to previous issues of S2000M, such as:

§   A simplification of the Initial Provisioning process using a common ILS Data Model for the ASD Suite of ILS Specifications based on the PLCS (Product Life Cycle Support) Data Model.

§   A simplification of the Pricing, Order Administration and Invoicing.

§   A reduction of the different types of transactions and their content.


These changes also aim to allow for easier integration of S2000M into widely used ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems.

The S2000M Steering Committee has decided to issue a Pre-Release of Issue 6.0. The reason for its release is to obtain comments from current and prospective S2000M users in order to come to a widely supported Issue 6.0 of S2000M.

Please take note that this Pre-Release is neither exhaustive nor complete. However, it provides sufficient detail on the intent and content of Issue 6.0.

You are kindly invited to review the Pre-Release of Issue 6.0 and provide your comments using the attached form. Please submit your comments to S2000M administrator (spec2000m@nspa.nato.int) by 31 March 2014.

Comments received thereafter can unfortunately not be considered for Issue 6.0.

- S2000M Steering Committee | 12 December 2013


S2000M Pre-Release Issue 6.0 download

The Pre-Release of issue 6.0 can be downloaded using the link below.


Pre-Release S2000M Issue 6.0


S2000M Pre-Release Issue 6.0 Commenting Sheet download

The commenting sheet for the Pre-Release of issue 6.0 can be downloaded using the link below.


Commenting sheet for Pre-Release S2000M Issue 6.0




Issue 5.0



The ASD S2000M defines the Materiel Management processes and procedures to be used in support of any aerospace products. From Issue 4.0, the scope has been extended to include land and sea specific applications. The specification can now also be used for the support of any type of equipment including both military and civil products.


The (new) Issue 5.0 of S2000M is organized into basic chapters:

§   Chapter 1A Provisioning

§   Chapter 1B NATO Codification - Chapter 1C Spare Parts List

§   Chapter 2 Procurement Planning

§   Chapter 3 Order Administration including Repair and Warranty

§   Chapter 4 Invoicing

§   Chapter 6 S2000M Light



Chapter 1:

§   Chapter 1A describes the Provisioning process of selecting support items and spares, necessary for the support of any product. The chapter defines the process and specifies the data, formats and transmission, change and update procedures to be used in providing provisioning information to the Customer. It also provides the data base from which Illustrated Parts Catalogues (IPC) or IPDP (Illustrated Parts Data Publication) are produced. The rules for the production and presentation of the IPC in different media are covered by Specification 1000D.

§   Chapter 1B covers the process of exchanging information for NATO codification purposes between Industry, the National Codification Bureau(s) and the Customer.

§   Chapter 1C enables the Contractor to supply parts data to the Customer in order to use the processes as described in Chapters 2 to 4 of this Specification without the necessity to use processes as described in Chapters 1A and 1B of this Specification.


Chapter 2:
This Chapter defines methods for Industry to provide pricing information on parts

§   via Price List

§   via a quotation process

§   via order based pricing


Chapter 3:
Order Administration covers the process of order placement, and the flow of information concerning the progress of orders and deliveries. This order placement takes care of spares orders as well as repair orders and exchange of transportation information.


Chapter 4:
Invoicing provides a standard process of transmitting invoice data and invoice status between the Customer and Contractor.


Chapter 5:
Since issue 4.0 no longer supplied.


Chapter 6:
Chapter 6 is a stand-alone ‘light’ version of S2000M to support non-complex projects. It covers the processes of Chapter 1 to 4 with a reduced set of Data Elements and messages.


S2000M specification maintenance

An ongoing maintenance process for S2000M is established to ensure the continued development of future issues of the specification.
Any request for clarification including suggestions for improvement can be forwarded to the S2000M Steering Committee. For this purpose the REQUEST FOR CLARIFICATION from as provided in SECTION 0-1 ANNEX B of the S2000M is to be used.


Please forward the completed template or also any other correspondence or queries to the S2000M Administrator:



S2000M Administrator







S2000M download

S2000M issue 5.0 can be downloaded using the link below.


S2000M Issue 5.0


In order to verify the integrity of the PDF file, you can check its MD5 value.

The MD5 value is: bc9f2b7b9c8d03e4416767d1895ae711

In order to check the value, you must obtain a MD5-based checksum utility from the web and follow the usage instructions for the utility.



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