This page provides the links to sites associated to the AIA/ASD S2000M specification. Among them are the sponsoring organizations, as well as the sites of the individual specifications that form the family of AIA/ASD S-Series of IPS specifications. You will be able to find such specifications for downloading free of charge from their respective websites.

Sponsoring organizations;

Aerospace Security and Defence Industries Association of Europe

Aerospace Industries Association


Other S-Series IPS Specifications

SX000i. International specification for Integrated Product Support (IPS)

S1000D, International specification for technical publications using a common source database

S3000L, International specification for Logistic Support Analysis – LSA

S4000P, International specification for developing scheduled maintenance programs

S5000F, International specification for in-service data feedback

S6000T, International specification for training analysis and design

SX001G, Glossary for the S-Series IPS specifications

SX002D, Common Data Model for the S-Series IPS specifications

Other links of interest

The S-Series IPS Specifications Overview