Release of Issue 7.0


The S2000M Steering Committee herewith publishes Issue 7.0 of S2000M as part of the 2021 Block release of the S-Series IPS specifications.

Following publication of Issue 6.1 in March 2017 various changes have been included to the S2000M.

This includes changes related to Data and Export Control or Trade Control and introduction of the new data elements hardwarePartExportTradeControl and informationExportTradeControl. It also includes the introduction of Performance Based Logistics (PBL) in S2000M and further details on obsolescence and obsolescence management.

At the same time terminology across the entire S-Series IPS specifications has been harmonized: Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) has become Integrated Product Support (IPS) and ‘Initial Provisioning’, a term used in the S2000M since its beginnings, has become ‘Provisioning’ to emphasize its use throughout the entire life of the supported Product.

The modelling of Issue 7.0 follows the Common Data Model (CDM) for the S-Series IPS specifications, harmonizing its structure within chapters with the other specifications. The UML models and the resulting XML schema are in line with SX002D “Common data model for the S-Series IPS specifications Issue 2.0” and SX005G “Common data model for the S-Series IPS specifications Issue 1.0”.

The SX004G “Common data model for the S-Series IPS Specifications Issue 1.0” contains the guidance for reading and understanding Common data model for the S-Series IPS specifications.

Requests for Clarification and Change Proposals against this Issue 7.0 can be submitted as per the procedure described in the specification Chapter 0, Introduction to the specification.

Release of Issue 7.1

DATED 1 March 2023

The S2000M Steering Committee herewith publishes Issue 7.1 of S2000M. The publication is part of an update of the entire suite of S-Series IPS specifications to reflect the following:

  • An expansion of the ‘Special usage rights’; the rights  to use, reference, or deliver training from the information contained in the specification and the right to reproduce or publish the S-Series IPS Specifications, in whole or in part.
  • The change of the full name of ASD to AeroSpace, Security and Defence Industries Association of Europe.

No other changes have been performed from Issue 7.0 to Issue 7.1. For this reason the XML schemas and UML models of the Issue 7.0 remain valid and are also applicable to Issue 7.1.

S2000M Steering Committee